700+ Free Printable Photo Booth Props

Free printable photo booth props

Free Printable Fourth of July Photo Booth Props

On this page we are sharing Free Printable Fourth of July Photo Booth Props. These independence day props are perfect for 4th of July celebrations and you can print these props by using a printer at your home or office.

These fun props are made in red, blue and white colors and these are perfect for your pictures. You can print these props on a heavy cardstock and you can also print these on any printer paper or sticker paper and then paste that paper on a heavy cardstock before cutting it around the edges.

Free printable 4th of July Photo Booth Props

Free Printable Fireworks Photo Booth Prop

Free printable fourth of july fire works props

Here are two free printable photobooth props of fourth of July fireworks. One firework is red and other is blue decorated with stars.

Fourth of July Hat Photo Booth Prop

Free printable 4th of July props

Click on the thumbnail image of this independance day hat and a bigger image will open up. You can save it or print it right away.

Get this interesting game for your girl Baby Shower party and it will cost you just ink and paper. Just click on the image given above and save the bigger image in your computer. Print as many copies as you want according to the number of your Baby Shower party guests prior to your party. Your guests will enjoy playing this game for sure.

Free Printable Independence day Glasses Props

Fourthof July glasses props free printable

Here are two more adorable props of independence day glasses. One is blue and other is red in color.

Free Printable Hat Prop

4th of July hat photobooth prop

This is another very adorable hat prop for fourth of July. This black hat is decorated with the flag of USA..

Free Printable Tie and Torch Photo Booth Prop

4th of July tie and torch of statur of liberty props

In this set of props there is a tie and torch of the Statue of Liberty. You can save the image by clicking on the thumbnail and saving the bigger image.

Lips and Moustache Props

Free printable fourth of July lips and moustaches props

This is a set of 4th of July photo booth props with two lips and a moustache. The moustache is made like the US flag.

Statue of Liberty Photo Booth Prop

Statue of liberty head dress prop for photobooth

This is a photobooth prop of the headdress of the Statue of the Liberty. We have already shared her torch above. This is a perfect fun prop for fourth of July.

Happy 4th of July Sign

Free printable happy fourth of July Sign

Here is this free and beautiful Happy fourth of July sign. You can also use it as photo booth backdrop. Just click on the thumbnail image and a bigger image will open up, you can right click and save that.

Free Printable US Flag Prop

US Flag free printable photo booth prop

Here is a big and free printable flag of USA prop. You can also use this as backdrop of your photo booth.

Baseball Photo Booth Prop

Free printable baseball props

Here is another cute photo booth prop for fourth of July. These are two baseball bats and a ball.

4th of July Beach Ball Prop

This is a free printable prop of a red and blue big beach ball.

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